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With the advent of technology, it’s easier than ever for far-flung family members to keep in touch. You can read a bedtime story face-to-face with a little niece in New York City all the way from San Francisco. The Internet compresses time and space.

But what technology hasn’t yet figured out is how to actually physically be there for someone in another state. We’re still a long way off from teleportation.

That’s where TaskRabbit can step in.

While a lot of tasks revolve around cleaning homes, assembling furniture, and minor household repairs, every now and then a task comes up that gets really personal and touching.

When a big sister found out her little brother wasn’t feeling well, she asked Tasker Holly W to assemble and deliver a care package to her brotherĀ in New York — all the way from Massachusetts. While the care package contained all the items anyone would be grateful for while ill, we imagine it was the very act itself that made the biggest impact.

Wait — is someone cutting onions in the office again?

Need to express love from far away? We can help.

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