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White&Gold, Black&Blue, Couch/Sofa…

The color of a dress was last month’s big question. This month: is it a couch or is it a sofa?

That’s what we asked our data scientists to uncover in how clients ask Taskers for help with those big, comfy, cushiony things in your living rooms.

Answer: It depends where you live.

Of all US Tasks, clients are 2X more likely to use the word “couch” than sofa” when posting moving help Tasks. Londoners on the other hand were significantly more inclined to ask for help with their “sofa.” In fact, “sofa” was 10x more common than “couch” in moving help-related tasks.

Of course, there were a few exceptions to the US’ “couch rule.” Atlantans were less inclined to use couch.

Unfortunately, our data scientists couldn’t agree on the color of the dress.


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