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What We Can All Learn From Bill Murray’s Time Use in Groundhog Day

Don't drive angry.

Eight years, eight months, and 16 days. That’s how long Bill Murray’s character spent repeating the same 24 hours over and over and over again in the classic B-holiday film, Groundhog Day. We know this because the awesome nerd factory over at Wolf Gnards calculated the time it takes to master things like piano playing, ice sculpture, and becoming fluent in French. There’s even a pie chart.

Time Spent in Groundhog Day Wolf Gnards Bill Murray

Phil Connors’ Groundhog Day Time Use

If you’re like a lot of people, when February 2nd rolls around and your annual Groundhog Day binge-watching extravaganza begins, you start to think about how you’d spend the time. What would you do with the endless days and nights? Would you make like Phil Connors and master bank robberies and card tricks? Or would you get right to the important things?

There’s no need to get trapped in an existential loop to discover the real value of your time. Instead, let’s start a new tradition this Groundhog Day: Let’s figure out what we can regularly delegate to discover extra hours. Then let’s spend those hours on the things we really want to do. Like starting that new company, or learning how to play guitar, or even sculpting cool things out of ice.

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