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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – For Yourself or Others!

Don’t worry. I’m going to address this from both angles.

Let us be your Cupid!

For the Valentine’s Day lovers among us, I’ll post the Top 5 Valentine’s Day Errand Ideas for your significant Shmoopy.

Tomorrow’s blog post will feature ideas for the Anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment that is alive and well out there. I’ll be posting the Top 5 Ways To Treat Yourself.

Top 5 Valentine Gift Ideas from RunMyErrand for Valentine’s Day Lovers:

5. Hire a Runner to pick up a selection of desserts from the top local Boston bakeries for your hunny. Might we recommend a Cherry Crumb Tart from Petsi Pies in Somerville/Cambridge, a few Red Velvet cupcakes from KickAss Cupcakes in Davis Sq., and a few mini Boston cream pies and mini Tiramisu from Finale in Harvard Square.

Cost – approximately $30.

Taste Level – Extremely High.

4. Set up a Chocolate Tasting at Aroa Fine Chocolates in the South End. Aroa Chocolatiers will walk you and your Shmoopy through an exquisite tasting of a variety of various truffles, Pate de Fruits and Caramels. Chocolate IS an aphrodisiac, you know.

Cost – $10.

Taste Level – Exceptional.

3. Hire a Runner to pick up and deliver a bunch of gorgeous flowers from Central Square Florist. Perhaps your Runner will also help you compose a beautiful love sonnet a la Cyrano de Bergerac? Use the promo code ValDay2 for $5 off your delivery. Might we suggest a nice bunch of Cala Lillies for your Shmoopy? Why Cala Lillies? Because I like them. That’s why.

Cost – $55.

Taste Level – Personalized and Memorable.

2. Hire a Runner to cook a fine dinner for you and Shmoopy. Put your feet up and relax! Let a Runner pamper you! We have loads of culinary experts at the ready who will create an exquisite menu from organic and local ingredients, like duck,  purchased at Whole Foods. What would you like prepared? How about a warm goat cheese salad with pears and walnuts, a delicate Rack of Lamb with Herbs de Provence, and an indulgent Venezuelan chocolate mousse with mint. How can you say no to that?

Cost – $150.

Taste Level – Major Yum.

1. Have a Runner put together a sexy mixtape for your Shmoopy. NOTHING says endless love like a mixtape featuring the likes of Milli Vanilli, Air Supply, ABBA and Styx.

Cost: Some would say $7-$10. I would say “priceless.”

Taste Level: Dubious at best.

Use promo code ValDayRME first time users for $15 off your first errand! And feel free to take all the credit for that mixtape idea.

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