TaskRabbit Can Help You Catch Up After the Long Weekend

Whether you left town or stayed at home, there are few things more relaxing than a nice, long Labor Day weekend…until the work week snaps you back to reality!  Things can pile up while you’re unwinding, but TaskRabbit can help get your life back on schedule. Whether you need major clean up help after a raging backyard party, or just want somebody to get to the bottom of a sinkful of dishes, we can tidy up for you. If your staycation left you with an empty fridge, a Tasker can help you replenish your kitchen. Still haven’t even had time to unpack?  Allow us to take care of the laundry. If you’ve returned to find an overflow of administrative tasks, we have qualified Taskers who can help you catch up. Hang on to some of the peace of mind you found over the holiday weekend by allowing TaskRabbit to lighten your load.  How can we assist you today?

Did a TaskRabbit Just Sing the Best Rendition of ‘Summertime’ Since American Idol’s Fantasia?

Ella Fitzgerald sang it. So did American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino. Now, a Southern California Tasker was caught on camera delivering a command performance of the jazz standard “Summertime” while helping a Los Angeles-area woman move into her new home. The special moment happened while 30-year-old Tasker and aspiring Broadway star LaVance Colley was working with a fellow Tasker/aspiring composer to help their client move into her new apartment. When the client discovered her helpers were musically inclined, she gave the three a break from unpacking dishes and picture frames, leaving Colley with the living-room stage and his fellow Tasker with a piano to accompany his vocals. “It’s been my lifelong dream to become a recording artist,” said Colley. “TaskRabbit has been a great way to make supplemental income and maintain a flexible schedule to support this dream. It makes me my own boss. I can work around my next audition.” Colley recently moved back to the US after a decade of performing for Universal Studios in Japan and other venues across Europe and Asia. Before that, he …