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Transition Your Closet from Summer to Fall

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Pumpkin everything, chillier weather, and colorful leaves all mean one thing: fall. As the temperatures begin to drop, we know there’s a lot of work to be done around your home — not to mention prep for all the holidays on the horizon.

To make the start of the season a little easier, we put together a guide to help you transition your closet from warmer weather to chillier, fall days. 

Sort Your Wardrobe 

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Take some time to empty your closet and drawers to see all your clothes. We suggest doing this for your entire wardrobe, not just your summer clothes. No reason to save spring cleaning for only once a year!

First, sort each pile by garment type (shirts, dresses, pants, etc.). Then go through each pile again and sort into spring/ summer, fall/ winter, or donation pile. If you can’t remember the last time you wore it, someone else needs it more.

Next, put the clothes you plan to donate into bags. A Tasker can come take them to your local charity of choice. (If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, add a TaskRabbit for Good donation drop-off to your next task that requires a car a Tasker will donate your items at Goodwill.)

To finish organizing your fall clothes, we suggest keeping “like” clothing together. You’ll want all your sweaters in the same drawer and you should have all your jackets right next to each other, too. If you want to go above and beyond, organize again by color. This makes planning an outfit and getting ready in the morning so much easier!

Storing Your Summer Wardrobe

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Before you begin to store your summer attire, take time to wash and dry everything. Nothing ruins the first summer weekend like a BBQ stain from last year!

Once everything is clean and dry, determine if you can repurpose any summer clothes with simple fall layers. Dresses and skirts can be worn with opaque tights, while tank-tops can be paired with your fall cardigans or flannels. 

Next, decide how you want to store your clothes. Do you want to keep them hanging in your closet or do you want to put them in a storage box under your bed? Whatever works best for you, make sure to have them covered and labeled.

If you plan to use storage bins (or even luggage you don’t plan on using), consider rolling your clothes instead of folding. Rolling takes up less space AND makes it harder for creases to form.

Fall Closet Essentials

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We saved the best for last! Now that you have your fall wardrobe organized, you can go shopping for the latest fall trends. Use our list below as a shopping guide to upgrade your closet.

ChecklistTransitioning between seasons can be difficult, but with the right help, it doesn’t need to be. Book a Tasker to help organize your closet, be your personal assistant or go shop for new fall clothes.

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