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Top TaskHacks to Save Time & Money $-)

From NYC to San Francisco and every Task market in between, Clients are hiring Taskers to not only save them time but also money. Check out some of these trending TaskHacks across the country. Clients are saving up to $75.

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Typical Cost: IKEA charges $99-$189 for delivery throughout the NYC metropolitan area. Delivery excludes certain larger items and doesn’t include assembly.
TaskHack: Hire a handyman Taskers with a truck (average rate: $50/hr) to do everything, including pick up your order, deliver it and assemble it.
Savings: About 3.5 hours of Tasker time before you reach the typical cost of IKEA delivery services.
Typical Cost: A large bouquet from 1800Flowers.com can cost $125 (not including $30 service fee and taxes) to deliver in Los Angeles.
TaskHack: When you aren’t in town to hand-deliver Mom flowers yourself, hire a Tasker at an average of $20/hr in her neighborhood to pick up two $15 bouquets from your local Whole Foods or florist and deliver a “super bouquet” of flowers. For a special touch, the Tasker can pick up a special card and transcribe a note. Some creative Taskers even sing!
Savings: $70, assuming the Tasker flower delivery takes less than an hour.
Typical Cost: The wait-time for a 6-person table at Rose’s Luxury in Washington D.C. can be 2 hours or more.
TaskHack: Hire a Tasker for as low as $15/hr to put your party’s name on the list.
Savings: 2 hours of wait time and you can easily split the cost of the Tasker ($5/person) when you split the bill.
Typical Cost: U-Haul Charges $20/day + $.89/mile and insurance fees for a pickup truck rental in Chicagoland
TaskHack: If you live without a vehicle, the world of Craigslist is now your oyster! With the help of a Tasker, you can purchase that beautiful antique nightstand or high-end use bike on fire sale without the worry of renting a vehicle. Hire a handyman Tasker with a truck (average $50/hour) so you can avoid the hassle of rental paperwork and insurance. Many Taskers will also help you haul heavier items upstairs and into your home or apartment.
Savings: Avoid a major hassle and liability of renting a truck, plus shop on Craigslist with convenience.
Typical Cost: Local moving services in San Francisco cost $100-$150/hr, with a minimum hour requirement (excluding cost of gas and sometimes a vehicle fee).
TaskHack: Whether you’re moving a few items or an entire house or apartment, a Tasker can help you schlep your stuff for an average of $50/hr (including gas and truck) and will charge you only for the time it takes to move your stuff.
Savings: $25-75/hr or more.

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