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’tis the cold & flu season

Well, it happened. The dreaded cold/flu season came and took a victim in me. Hi, it’s Rebecca, Marketing Guru at RME. (Picture, by the way, as I write this I am taking 5 minute breaks to lie down.) I have been lucky. I am not one who gets sick often (knock on wood). And so, when I started to feel my head get heavy, my throat scratchy and my nose tingly, I thought by the morning my body would have fought off the virus. No such luck.

One of the challenges with not getting sick often is locating medicine when you need it. It is amazing how much you need on hand when sick. Just being on the couch or in bed requires tools and supplies. Here’s a list of the items that have kept me going for 3 days:

– chicken soup
– cold medicine daytime
– tissues
– tomato soup
– tea
– vapor-rub
– cold medicine nighttime
– oatmeal
– airborne
– left over Halloween candy

Besides the candy, none of this was on hand 3 days ago (or at least none that had not long been expired). Is there anything worse than going out to the pharmacy or supermarket when you do not feel well? Bright lights. Musak. Long lines.

Stock up now. Save yourself. Or, if you find yourself sick and in need of life-saving supplies, reach out to a friendly RME runner who will gladly run to the store for you.

What are your favorite cold remedies?

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