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How to Hurricane Proof Your Home

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Hurricane season is scary enough, but the idea of having your house unprepared for strong winds is even more terrifying. Stay safe with these six simple tricks to prepare your home for all storms.

Buy Supplies for a Hurricane Kit

Start thinking about your hurricane supplies early in the season when supplies are readily available. Buying ahead and creating a hurricane kit will save you some stress when bad weather is coming your way. We listed some essentials below that you should collect in a weather-proof plastic container.


Secure Your Roof


This is an important prepping step you don’t want to miss. Any hurricane wind can easily damage your roof, so you want to make sure your roof is secured to the best of its ability.

To minimize wind damage, replace missing shingles and make sure to secure loose shingles by hammering in fresh nails. You can also use a caulking gun to add roof cement to the edge of your roof.

Florida requires roof straps, but many other states that are constantly hit by hurricanes don’t. To help strengthen your roof and make it more wind-resistant, attach your roof to attic walls with metal roof straps.

Seal Housing Holes


Check the seals on your windows and doors. It’s normal for seals to be damaged over time, especially in hotter climates, so make sure to check at least once a season to avoid rain getting inside.

Don’t forget to check the holes left from electric and cable wires entering your home. You can either seal the holes with a simple caulking gun (available at most hardware stores) or book a Tasker to help you do it.  

Preparing Your Yard

Outdoor Furniture

Check your yard for anything that could easily get tossed in a hurricane. Plan to move all your furniture inside or secure it to the ground. Don’t forget about your grills, garden gnomes, and any other items that can be picked up by strong winds.

Clean up low hanging branches, dead trees, or any shrubs that could be damaged in 100+ mph wind. Properly pruning your trees can also increase the likelihood that they survive a hurricane.

To finish prepping the outside of your house, put sandbags in front of all entrances including sliding doors and your garage doors to avoid flooding and water damage.

Weather Proofing your Windows


If you have shutters, check to make sure the fastenings are in good condition before a storm hits. 

Tasker Kate K in Miami, FL suggests that, “…you need to get shutters or if you can’t afford them, plywood!” Since you never know when a hurricane might hit, buy plywood in advance so you are ready at a moment’s notice.

Prepare for the power outage

Strong winds will most likely cause your power to go out for at least a day or two. In the days leading up to a hurricane, make and store as much ice as possible to keep your fridge and freezer cool in case of an outage. You can fill Tupperware containers with water to maximize ice.

Back up your computers and other electronics, then power down the devices before the storm hits. Charge batteries, phones, and any other electronics you think you might need to use during an outage. You can also look into purchasing a solar-powered generator that can power everything from small handheld electronics to entire homes.

Hurricane season can be alarming and scary, but with TaskRabbit, it doesn’t have to be as stressful. Book a Tasker to fix your roof, prepare your yard, and weatherproof your home for a hurricane.

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