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Tips for New Runners

We are proud to announce that RunMyErrand has welcomed nearly 40 new Runners to our community. For Senders, this means the chances of your errand getting picked up quickly are even higher. For Runners, this means you’ve joined an awesome community of neighbors helping neighbors and making some extra money in your free time. It’s a win-win for everyone!

So you’ve been approved and you are now scouring the boards looking for great errands to run. Here are some important tips to keep in mind as you work your way toward becoming a 5 Star Runner.


5. Be Polite and Personable. The first thing we hear from Senders regarding our 5 Star Runners is he/she was just so NICE! Senders have never met you before and it makes everything just a little easier and more comfortable when you show up on their doorstep with a smile and a handshake.

4. Be Punctual. Seems like a no brainer, right? But being on time is vital to running many of these errands and Senders want a Runner they can depend on. Then by the time we add in the “choose your favorite Runner to run this errand” function, you’ll have hordes of Senders who had a great experience with you and you’ll be more popular than oxygen.

3. Communication is Key. Before you jump in the car/T/on your bike to run that errand, reach out to your Sender and collect all pertinent information from them. Get a contact number, time, place and complete description of what needs to be done. No one will penalize you for asking too many questions, but not gathering all of the necessary info about an errand will nearly always lead to roadblocks. Be thorough.

2. If the errand don’t fit, don’t accept it. If you are not absolutely, 100%, without a doubt certain that you can run this errand, do NOT bid on it. We understand that things happen and in the case of extenuating circumstances sometimes a Runner can’t run an errand they have been approved for. However, this is a tedious process on our end to get errands and Runners switched around and Senders often get frustrated when this happens. So in the spirit of keeping things simple and running smoothly for all parties, please don’t accept an errand unless you are certain you can handle that errand.

1. Stay Connected! We give the Runners three different ways to stay connected with up to the second errand postings. You can check the RunMyErrand.com site for errand listings, you can sign up to have a text message sent to your phone with errand listing updates or you can follow us on Twitter @RMERunners. We also post fun updates and news about the website @RunMyErrand and of course we have a cool Facebook Fan Page where we post our favorite errands and success stories. If you run a great errand, you’ll be featured on the Facebook page! We also announce all of our contests and winners here, so fan us today!

And of course if you need help along the way I am here to help! I’m just a live chat or an email away should you have questions.

Amanda@RunMyErrand.com HAPPY RUNNING!

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