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Tips for Communicating With Your Tasker

Like in any relationship, communication is key to a successful experience using TaskRabbit. Writing a detailed task description and using the chat thread to stay in touch about the task will create a smooth process.  

No matter what task you’re booking, here is helpful information to include in your task description:

  • Details on what you need done
  • Instructions for entering the space
  • Whether you or someone else (or pets) will be present during the task
  • Any tools/materials you already have
  • Any budget or time constraints
  • Contactless preferences

Once a Tasker has accepted the task, you can use the chat thread to follow up, ask and answer questions, share photos, etc. 

Using the chat thread

Be specific

  • Special tools needed
  • Special cleaning products you will provide 
  • Cleaning products you do not want used
  • Brand, make, and model # of furniture to be assembled
  • Any heirloom items/breakables that need special care
  • Parking instructions
  • Pick-up/drop-off address/es

Set expectations

  • Indicate if you’ve hired anyone else to help, or if you plan to help (two Taskers can make tasks like a big move or heavy lifting much more efficient!) 
  • If you’re getting furniture assembled, confirm the item has been delivered and there are no issues
  • Indicate any delivery items that are perishables or need certain care (i.e. flowers, ice cream cake)
  • If your task involves shopping, prepare to approve purchases–ask your Tasker to share a receipt via chat! 

You can also use the chat thread to easily reschedule or rebook tasks.

While you’re exchanging chats with the Tasker, if you determine that you don’t want to proceed for any reason, we encourage you to explain why in the chat thread and cancel the task as soon as possible. This will free up the Tasker’s schedule and enable you to search for a different Tasker.

If you simply need to reschedule, just let the Tasker know in the chat thread and they can do it for you. 

Communicating and using the chat thread to discuss your task with your Tasker before it starts is the best way to set mutual expectations and will help ensure your satisfaction!

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