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According to our extensive Internet research (i.e. a quick Google search), the most popular month for babies to be born is — drum roll please — July! We don’t know what y’all were doing in October, but we guess it was a good time.

If you’re one of the many families welcoming a baby into your life this month: First of all, congratulations! And second of all: It’s time to baby proof your home. But don’t worry — you don’t have to cover up those electrical outlets or install those baby gates on your own because TaskRabbit is here to help.

  • Research: If this is your first kiddo, it can be difficult to think of everything you need to do to make sure your home is safe for your baby. You’ve probably never even considered how the sharp edges of your coffee table could be disastrous or how hanging tablecloths are an invitation to pull everything down. A Tasker can help you research everything and make sure you cover your baby-proofing bases.
  • Shopping and Delivery: Make a list, check it twice, and then send a Tasker out to purchase all the tools and accessories you’ll need to make sure your home is a safe as possible. After all, you’ve got a new baby and wouldn’t you rather focus more on spending time with your child? Prioritize bonding time and let a Tasker take care of the rest.
  • Assembly and Installation: The last thing you want to be doing is trying to make that baby gate fit in a doorway or figure out how exactly it’s assembled. Leave deciphering unclear instructions, sizing, and installation to an experienced Tasker. Talented Taskers can also help you paint the baby’s room and help put together new furniture, allowing you to spend more time with your little one.

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