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The Weekend Routine: Nutritionist Sara Stewart

At TaskRabbit, we love the weekends. They may not be any less productive than hectic weekdays, but they have a different kind of pace and energy. In the Weekend Routine series, we take a look at how the people who inspire us use their weekends to find a balance between planning for the week ahead and taking a break from the daily grind.

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We dare you to scroll through Sara Stewart’s colorful Instagram without your mouth watering. A nutritionist and recipe developer living in Washington, DC, Sara strives to make healthy living feel attainable by encouraging healthy choices that enhance your life.

When Sara isn’t busy making picture-perfect meals or exercising, you can find her searching for the perfect almond milk cappuccino, running along the Potomac River, or planning her future international adventures. Read on to see how she gets her “me” time, her favorite weekend snacks, and her go-to meal prep recipes.



Coffee dates & cafes. Saturday morning is one of my favorite times of the week since I’m able to slow down from the busy week. The morning usually starts off with a short walk to CorePower Yoga followed by a coffee date with a friend. Northside Social in Arlington makes the BEST almond milk cappuccinos and gluten-free cookies. I love spending time at cafes and using them as my “office” away from home since I work remotely.


Walking it off. In the afternoon, I come home and prepare my lunch and share it on my Instagram. I’ll then take a solo walk through Arlington and Washington, D.C. Depending on how much time I have, the walks can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. I use this time to unwind from the stress and craziness of the past week.

Washington D.C.

Snacking is key. On Saturday nights, I usually meet up with my friends for dinner. We love getting sushi or tacos, but we also try to switch it up since Washington, DC has so many new restaurants. I make sure to stay hydrated eat a small snack before I get dinner so I don’t arrive at the restaurant famished and then eat everything. Some of my favorite afternoon snacks include:

Afternoon Snacks

Bubble bath & a book. If I don’t have any plans, my favorite way to relax is by taking a hot bubble bath. I do this almost every night before bed, and it’s my time to unwind and reflect on the day. I leave my phone in the other room so that I’m not distracted by messages or push notifications. Afterward, I do some journaling, if I’m in the mood for it, or jot down a single line in my “one line a day” journal. I usually write about the highlight of the day, but sometimes I jot down a quote or song lyric that resonated with me. 


Taking it slow. This is my day to sleep in and take things a bit slower than usual. First on my agenda is a large grocery shop at Whole Foods! Even though I go several times during the week to get fresh produce and protein, I do my largest grocery haul on Sunday mornings. To avoid the long lines and empty shelves, I’d recommend going to the stores earlier rather than later.

One of my favorite purchases at Whole Foods is the mini-cans of sparkling Sofia Blanc de Blancs. I often pop one open during the week after a busy day. I love them because they’re portion controlled (no chance of drinking the entire bottle!)


Meal prep. The rest of Sunday afternoon is spent running errands, cleaning my apartment, answering emails that went unanswered during the week.

I’ll also meal prep 2-3 different roasted vegetables (broccolini, brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes are my favorites) and a protein (garlic sage chicken is my favorite). Storing them in Tupperware makes it easy to mix and match meals during the week.


Winding down. After I’ve finished all my weekend chores, I take time to go to the gym in the early evening before dinner. When I come home, I almost always make salmon for dinner. One of my favorite go-to meals, also the most popular recipe among my followers, is crispy seared salmon with kale Caeser salad:



Feeling inspired for the upcoming weekend? Whether you want more time to relax or need help crossing off your to-do list, book a Tasker to get a head start on the weekend.

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    Do you have the recipe for the yummy looking garlic sage chicken and the pasta and broccoli shown above?

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