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The Weekend Routine: Nomadic Matt Kepnes

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At TaskRabbit, we love the weekends. They may not be any less productive than hectic weekdays, but they have a different kind of pace and energy. In the Weekend Routine series, we take a look at how the people who inspire us use their weekends to find a balance between planning for the week ahead and taking a break from the daily grind.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel to almost a hundred countries and territories — without breaking the bank? Matt Kepnes can tell you all about it. In 2006, Matt quit his day job and set out on an adventure that resulted in a New York Times bestselling book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, and still continues today.

When the nomadic entrepreneur isn’t on the road, he’s spending his time in either New York City or Austin (most likely planning his next adventure). Keep reading for his weekend travel tips, how he avoids errands on the weekend, and how he practices time management.

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Taking a Break. I’ll usually break away from the computer Friday night to go out. Music and food are my go-to activities, so I’m always on the lookout for live music, great eats, and maybe a drink or two. When I’m not traveling, I’m usually in NYC or Austin and both of those cities are great for food and entertainment.


Playing Catch-Up. On Saturday during the day, I might work a bit, but I’ll likely spend more time catching up on reading and going to the gym. I look forward to giving my brain a rest and reminding myself that it’s okay to get away from the computer. Weekends are a chance to get over that and remind myself that rest is important; it’s necessary for my own productivity and sanity. So knowing I have some time and space to myself (or to spend with friends) is what I look forward to the most.


No Weekend Chores. Besides the classic weekend task, laundry, I try to get my errands done during the week and tie them into my commute so I don’t have to make extra trips. That way I have more time to relax on the weekend and I don’t have to worry about rushing out to do this or that.

Tips for Planning A Weekend Getaway. If you’re going away for a few days, try to get the planning out of the way in advance. You want to make the most out of your free time, so don’t spend your weekend worrying or wondering about last-minute details. Get those settled in advance so that, come Friday, you can just head out the door knowing that you’ve taken care of everything.

When I travel with friends or family, I try to split up the planning so it’s not all on my shoulders. It gets everyone involved and spreads out the work of planning. I also recommend embracing the sharing economy. There are lots of amazing platforms out there that offer unique (and budget-friendly) experiences. Pet-sitting, alternative tours, and even meals cooked and hosted by locals are all new and creative ways to spice up your travels. Check them out to save some money and try something new!



Time Management. On Sunday I’ll check over my emails and plan my upcoming week. Over the years I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to my own schedule and habits so I’ve been able to build a solid workflow for myself. I spent a lot of time reading about time management and effective working habits, and in the long run, that has paid off.

On top of that, I have a great team that helps me keep everything running smoothly. Having their help with the day-to-day operation gives me space to me focus on my writing and strategizing. With their help, I’m able to stay on track and grow the business much more than I could if I were working alone.


Prioritizing Well Being. The weekend is the time when we all get to refresh, rest, and recover. For me, that involves books as well as good food and hopefully some music (and probably browsing for my next flight, too!). But for you, it will be different.

So whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed and renewed, make sure to incorporate that into your weekend. Prioritize your well being. It doesn’t matter if you head out on a camping trip to commune with nature or binge Netflix in your pajamas. Whatever gets you relaxed and energized is what you should be focused on.

Feeling inspired for the upcoming weekend? Whether you want more time to relax or you are working on time management, book a Tasker to get a head start on the weekend.

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