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The Weekend Routine: Photographer Jeff Mindell

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At TaskRabbit, we love the weekends. They may not be any less productive than hectic weekdays, but they have a different kind of pace and energy. In the Weekend Routine series, we take a look at how the people who inspire us use their weekends to find a balance between planning for the week ahead and taking a break from the daily grind.

Have you ever considered quitting your day job to pursue your dream? Jeff Mindell, freelance photographer and content creator, did that just a few years ago by turning a photography hobby into a career. He now helps brands like West Elm, Target, Dunkin’ Donuts, Crate and Barrel, and more tell visual stories while sharing his own creative inspiration along the way.

When Jeff isn’t taking colorful photos and telling unique stories, he’s spending time with his wife Kelly and son Arlo in Southern California. Continue reading to learn why he’s banning the word “balance” from his vocabulary, how every Friday has become a family day, and what he orders every day at Dunkin’ Donuts. 



Family Day. Friday is the one day during the week that Kelly and I take off. We don’t check our emails and our team knows we are (for the most part) unavailable on Fridays. The past few weeks, we’ve been taking my son, Arlo, to a swim class first thing in the morning. He hates it, but it’s my goal to have him eventually love the water. We live in Southern California, so he doesn’t really have a choice!


Finding “balance”. In the afternoon, we might go to the zoo for a couple hours before heading home for lunch and his afternoon nap. This is the one time on Friday that we are able to check in on work stuff, make calls, return emails, etc.

I really need to ban the word “balance” from my vocabulary because there really is no such thing. Thinking back to my Econ 101 class in college when we were first taught about “opportunity cost”, the reality is when you prioritize one thing, something else inevitably takes a backseat. I would love to say it’s a constant struggle, but family truly comes first for me. Luckily, much of my business involves them so it’s a win-win most days!


Soccer with Arlo. Saturday morning is my special time with Arlo. We signed him up for a soccer club, but it’s essentially a group of toddlers chewing on the goalie nets.

I’m not one of those people who dislikes Mondays because I love what I do and every week is really exciting for us, but I always wish that the quiet moments in the park with my son could last for hours longer than they do!

Coffee Time. After practice, Arlo comes with me to get my coffee. I’m a self-proclaimed Dunkin Donuts Coffee Enthusiast. Every morning I get a medium iced French vanilla with milk and a little sugar. Now that it’s October, I’ll switch it up to add in pumpkin.


Acai Bowls. In the afternoon, we walk to get acai bowls from our neighborhood juice shop (all three of us are addicted). In the evening, we might have a babysitter come over so Kelly and I can get out for a nice dinner and a movie.


Breakfast Tradition. We do breakfast out at the same place every Sunday. We typically sit outside on the patio and people watch while Arlo throws Splenda packets on the ground, one by one. He’s very methodical about it. After a stroll through the farmers market, we’ll head home to nap for at least ⅔ of the family.

ACS_0463-2Toddler Disneyland. After naptime, we might head to The Grove to walk around for a bit. Arlo LIVES for the fountains and they have a water show every 30 minutes or so. It’s like his own personal Disneyland.

Enjoying Family Time. The one thing I look forward to most on the weekends is the fact that no one is emailing me and time very much slows down. I love family time so much and when my wife and I are being pulled in a thousand different directions during the week, I cherish our quality time on the weekends so much now.


Feeling inspired for the upcoming weekend? Whether you want more time to relax or you are trying to find grace in imperfection, book a Tasker to get a head start on the weekend.

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