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The Weekend Routine: Fashion Blogger Daryl-Ann Denner

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At TaskRabbit, we love the weekends. They may not be any less productive than hectic weekdays, but they have a different kind of pace and energy. In the Weekend Routine series, we take a look at how the people who inspire us use their weekends to find a balance between planning for the week ahead and taking a break from the daily grind.

We bet you can’t scroll through Daryl-Ann Denner’s Instagram or blog, Something Beautiful, without finding an outfit you’ll immediately want to buy. As a fashion and beauty blogger in Southern California, Daryl-Ann’s goal to make every woman feel like she’s something beautiful.”

Not only are Daryl-Ann and her husband expecting their first child, they’re also in the midst of renovating a new home. Read on to learn how she balances the demands of social media as a job, what she wears on a cozy fall day, and how she gets ahead of a busy week.


Photoshoots. Saturday morning is typically a pretty early morning for us. Since Daniel works full time during the week, we use Saturday mornings to take blog photos for the week ahead. I’ll wake up and get all ready to shoot while Daniel packs the car.  Then we drive to a location based on what we are shooting that day and shoot for about 2 hours. We can typically shoot around 6-8 looks during this time.


Lunch Favorites & Home Depot. After we finish, we’ll grab lunch at one of our favorite spots, usually Chick-Fil-A, before heading home or running errands.


We’ve been making countless Home Depot runs (at least 1-2 per weekend) for various renovations.  Currently, Daniel is redoing the powder bathroom and adding recessed lighting to all the bedrooms.  I’ve been shopping around for new furniture to fill all the extra space we have now!

Home Renovations. On Saturdays, we usually like to get stuff done around our new home. Thankfully, Daniel is super handy and great at construction, so we have been able to save money and do most of the renovation work ourselves.  

Adding a new house has been fun and a lot of work, but because this is our second home we’ve renovated together, I’ve learned to be a lot more patient with the process and content with the “mess” in the meantime.  In our last home, I was always waiting for it to be “done” and not enjoying it during the process. Being patient and not stressing about it has made this go around a lot more enjoyable.

Enjoying the Evenings Together. Working in social media, you have a tendency to always be on your phone for “work” but I’ve come to see that often I used that as an excuse. I always want Daniel to know he comes before everything, work included.  Setting my phone down and being with him, and not having to write blog posts, respond to emails, etc has made a big difference. If I prioritize and plan, I can make it so I can put it down at the end of the day and get to enjoy the evenings!  



Brunch and Groceries. Sundays we usually go to church and then brunch at Cheesecake Factory.  After that, we typically make a Trader Joe’s and/or Costco run before heading home.  


Taking the Day Off. I’ve really been trying to make a point of taking Sunday off these past couple months. It’s made me that much more excited about my work and helps our marriage a ton! If I can, I make sure all my work is done so I can relax and just hang out with Daniel (even if we are working around the house!).  Taking a full day off recharges me for the week ahead!


Cozy Fall Outfits. We love going to fun areas on these days together like the Americana, the Grove, Pasadena, or Santa Monica and bringing Ryleigh, our dog, to walk around!  When we are headed out somewhere and I want to look cute and still be cozy, I will opt for my favorite jeans, a cozy oversized Free People top, and booties (yay for fall!).


Not Slowing Down for Baby. Keeping my regular routine both with work, travel and working out is what I think has made this pregnancy seem like I haven’t skipped a beat!  I know that I am fortunate to have not gotten sick, but not using my pregnancy as an excuse to let myself get out of things has been a big mental game changer.


Prepping for the Week Ahead. I love the feeling of getting caught up around the house and having all my personal errands taken care of at the end of a weekend. I usually make sure Monday’s blog post is ready to go and laundry is finished.

When the baby comes, I think we will love weekends even more because the three of us will get to have two full days together!


Feeling inspired for the upcoming weekend? Whether you want more time to relax or you are trying to find grace in imperfection, book a Tasker to get a head start on the weekend.

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