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The TaskRabbit Valentine’s Day Index: Flowers, Restaurant Reservations & 3D Flowers

It’s the most romantic time of the year and one of the most popular times for dispatching heartfelt tasks. We’ve already seen dozens and dozens of V-day tasks posted. Based off of this data we dug up from the past three Valentine’s Days, we are predicting the most popular V-day gifts for 2015.

Winner: Flowers and Candy

For the last three years, flowers have been king on Valentine’s Day. Regardless of city (NYC, SF, LA and DC), Americans tend to have Taskers deliver flowers nearly twice as often as candy. New Yorkers and San Franciscans are more generous than most, dispatching Taskers to deliver both for their significant other.


  • National: 64% Flowers, 32% Candy, 4% Both
    • NYC: 61% Flowers, 30% Candy, 9% Both
    • SF: 63% Flowers, 33% 4% both
    • LA: 65% Flowers, 35% Candy
    • DC:  67% Flowers, 33% Candy

2nd place: Waiting in Line at Popular Restaurants

It’s the second most common Valentine’s Day task expected to be booked on TaskRabbit this Valentine’s Day. A Tasker can help you wait in line for reservations at restaurants like Roses Luxury in Washington DC, where Taskers are helping folks save time and indulge in some seriously sweet eats. Here’s a breakdown between the two most popular restaurants where diners need help getting a seat.


  • San Francisco: 1. State Bird Provisions, 2. Flour + Water
  • NYC: 1. Spotted Pig, 2. Ippudo
  • Los Angeles: 1 Superba Snack Bar, 2. Canele
  • DC: 1. Roses Luxury, 2. Etto

3rd Place: All things digital – 3D Printed Flowers & Digital Photo Albums

Rounding out the Top 3 most common Valentine’s Day Tasks to expect this year…

3D Printed Flowers from Brit + Co were wildly popular in SF last year. We also saw a similar trend in the number of Taskers helping lovebirds digitize photo albums of special moments throughout their relationships. 3D Printed flowers are back again this year and the popularity of digitized photo albums is likely to follow suit.

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