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The Best Time of Year to Buy Anything for Your Home


Planning some major home purchases this holiday season? Some careful planning and deal hunting can result in serious savings. While consumers usually hit the shopping jackpot with holiday weekends like Black Friday, another rule of thumb is to shop during off peak months or just before seasonal launches of new models, when retailers are looking to offload inventory. From appliances to furniture, use this handy calendar to keep your eyes peeled for the best times to buy things for your home.

Fitness EquipmentThe fitness industry is ready to pounce as soon as we shake off those holiday food comas. This makes late December and January the perfect time to find deals on treadmills, stair masters, spin bikes, and more. Bonus: free up more time for warm-up stretches by having a Tasker help assemble your new equipment.

BeddingTalk about a fresh start. January is prime time for “white sales,” with steep discounts on sheets, towels, and linen. Fun fact: the first white sale took place in 1878, when a department store owner slashed prices during a slow period to get rid of excess stock. He only sold basic white linens, but don’t worry — today’s sales apply to all colors!

MattressYou need a good night’s sleep all year round, but you’ll get one for a better price certain months of the year — especially holiday weekends like President’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Look for peak deals in May, when, on top of Memorial Day deals, retailers often discount old models to clear out storerooms for new stock. 

Home AppliancesFind steep discounts on washing machines, dishwashers, stoves, and more during President’s Day and Black Friday, with July 4th, Labor Day, and Memorial Day weekends also offering good sales. If you don’t need the most up-to-date model, spring is also a good time to get bargains on home appliances just as new stock hits storerooms.

TVIt’s no surprise that Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a gold rush for TV buyers and retailers. President’s Day weekend is also a good time to buy, and you might find pre-Super Bowl sales in February as well. Just make sure your brand new screen is properly mounted!

FurnitureKeep an eye out for furniture deals over President’s Day and Memorial Day (just before new styles hit for summer). If you’re looking for patio furniture, hit up the Labor Day and end of summer sales. 

Air ConditionerGet the best prices on window units during the off seasons, when retailers drop prices to boost sales. If you’re in the thick of summer and prefer not to spring for AC, try these budget-friendly tips to cool down your home instead.

VacuumTake advantage of spring cleaning sales to get your home in sparkling shape. 

FridgeRefrigerators could also be filed under home appliances (February and November), but you might even find better deals in the summer months as retailers try to get rid of old stock.  

Personal ElectronicsPhones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, gaming systems… you’ll likely find the best deal for all of these items during Black Friday. But if you’d rather not wait in line at the crack of dawn, Prime Day in July has gained steam around as a major online shopping holiday. 

Gardening ToolsYou’ll find great prices on lawn mowers at the end of summer. If you’re looking to stock up for next spring, look for deals on gardening tools around harvest season in October.  

GrillIf your grill is showing wear and tear after a summer of cookouts, your best bet is to get a new one at the end of the season (especially during Labor Day sales). When you do fire up the new grill, follow these steps at the end of each BBQ and season to extend its lifetime.


Gutter GuardsStay ahead of fall and winter weather by maintaining your gutters each fall. If your area sees a lot of seasonal change in weather, you might want to consider gutter guards to keep larger objects out.

Need help assembling, moving, or installing your new purchases? Focus on the deals and let a Tasker handle the rest. 

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