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Thanksgiving Traditions from TaskRabbit HQ


From playing football with the family to talking a walk after dinner, we love the traditions that make Thanksgiving so special to each person. Ahead of this week’s festivities, we asked members of the TaskRabbit team to share their favorite traditions. See how our team celebrates Thanksgiving, from beach picnics, to overseas celebrations, to a simple way to give thanks at the table.

Brian L., Chief Technology Officer: This year, we moved to Madrid. Even before we moved, we made a few American contacts and they invited us to Thanksgiving dinner. People carry their traditions all over the world and come together in those moments. There is much to be thankful for.

Frederic B., Software Engineer: We have merged into a bigger family & friends tradition of doing a picnic on the beach on Thanksgiving Day. There’s no traffic and picnics have a lot less stress than a typical Thanksgiving dinner. We then do an actual Thanksgiving meal and dinner with our family on another day of that long weekend. This year, we had an even earlier Thanksgiving since my sisters weren’t going to be in town for the actual date.

I cooked a 22-pound turkey sous-vide and broke it into quarters with different seasonings like garlic and classic sage. I cooked the turkey legs by stuffing with croquettes — think crab cakes made with turkey meat and stuffing — and another leg by stuffing it with andouille sausage.


Sammi R., User Experience Researcher: Because I spent many years living in London, I always celebrated Thanksgiving with my friends. Since the UK doesn’t celebrate on Thanksgiving, my friends would come over on the Saturday after. I would cook a Thanksgiving dinner for them and I’d call it an unofficial expat Thanksgiving Day. Every year, I would tell my friends a historically inaccurate version of the first Thanksgiving. After that everyone would go around the table and say what they’re thankful for.


Morgan C., Senior Community Operations Manager: At our house, we have a small Thanksgiving tradition that we do right before we eat. Everyone has a tiny dish, usually a cute little clamshell, at their place setting with five corn kernels. We go around the table and each count out five things we’re thankful for. It’s a great way to share gratitude before sharing a meal!

Sara B., Recruiting Coordinator: Every year my parents host Thanksgiving and we call it ‘The Thanksgiving for Lost Toys.’ We invite anyone who doesn’t have Thanksgiving plans to spend it with our family. Every year it’s a different crowd of people we get to share the holiday with.

One year we hosted my coworker and her boyfriend, a longtime friend, my brother’s roommate, and my parents’ friends and mother-in-law. At one point in the day, even our neighbors showed up as well. It was such a wild, eclectic group of people! We even ended the night with a dance party.

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