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Task of the Week: Conquer the iPad Lines at Apple Stores

Long lines snaking around Apple’s brick-and-mortar stores are becoming synonymous with the company’s much-anticipated product launches. In addition to a lengthy wait, San Franciscans hoping to be among the first to boot up Apple’s third-generation iPad this morning also had to contend with some long overdue winter temperatures and a steady downpour. That’s where TaskRabbit came in.

TaskRabbit Johnny’s lengthy wait yielded two iPads for lucky TaskPosters.

The rain couldn’t wash the smile off the face of TaskRabbit Kevin, one of the first in line.

NBC News couldn’t resist chatting up TaskRabbit Ambassador Erika.

TaskPosters turned to us to get their iPads to avoid the lines and miserable weather. TaskRabbits were out in full-force at Apple’s downtown location (along with other locations around the Bay Area and those in New York City and Los Angeles), holding line spots, handing out doughnuts, and spreading that trademark TaskRabbit cheer.


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