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TaskRabbit’s Guiding Principles

We are on a mission to build a community of neighbors helping neighbors, and we emphatically stand behind that philosophy. To date, our success has been built on a community and platform based on trust, security, and mutual respect.  As we’ve grown our marketplace, we have instituted a number of guiding principles explicitly designed to ensure behavior that promotes a positive and rewarding experience for all participants.  We deeply care about our TaskPosters (those who need help getting a job done) and TaskRabbits (those who have the time and skills required to do the work).

While we certainly don’t claim to have it all figured out (we are a young company after all), we’d like to share with you a summary of what makes our marketplace a source of satisfaction, empowerment, and pride for the vast majority of our community members.

We start with clearly-defined rights and responsibilities on both sides of our marketplace, which in turn ensures a positive, safe, and respectful experience on our site and in our community. For TaskPosters, we outline expectations in our Terms of Use.  For TaskRabbits, we have developed a detailed “TaskRabbit Manual,” which clearly defines guidelines and procedures for using the TaskRabbit platform.

While these guidelines continue to evolve, we thought it helpful to summarize the rights and responsibilities of TaskPosters and TaskRabbits below.  Let’s start with our TaskPosters:

TaskPoster Rights:

  1. Gain access to our fully-vetted TaskRabbit community for help with appropriate tasks (All tasks deemed inappropriate are automatically cancelled by our members services team or flagged as inappropriate by the community at large.);
  2. Name the price that they are willing to pay for each task; and
  3. Select the TaskRabbit to work with, or opt for an automatic assignment of a TaskRabbit who submits the lowest bid.

TaskPoster Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure a safe, secure, and respectful working environment for the TaskRabbit;
  2. Ensure that all details of the tasks are clearly communicated and articulated up front (in the initial task description); and
  3. Ensure that the scope of the project does not escalate or change materially after a TaskRabbit has been assigned to the task.

To ensure the safety and protection of our TaskRabbits, below are their defined rights and responsibilities:

TaskRabbit Rights:

  1. Bid only on those tasks that they deem appropriate and attractive;
  2. Get assigned to only those tasks that they wish to work on; and
  3. Name an acceptable bid per task, taking into consideration the amount of time involved, the nature of the work, and what a unit of their time is worth.

TaskRabbit Responsibilities:

  1. To work with TaskPosters respectfully and professionally, including in all online and offline interactions; and
  2. To contact TaskRabbit Corporate in a timely manner if any issues arise.

As we have mentioned, maintaining a safe, secure and respectful community for our TaskRabbits and TaskPosters is our utmost priority and concern, while also ensuring a vibrant and creative marketplace where those who agree to the guidelines above can get just about anything done.

While we have instituted the above policies and procedures, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and to ensure we not only maintain but exceed the high levels of satisfaction we’ve enjoyed to date.  There are exceptions, and no new marketplace is perfect, but we strive to be.  Please contact us with any recommendations or concerns at We are available 24/7 to support our community.

Thank you –

Eric and Leah


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