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We hope you had a great Father’s Day over the weekend with whomever fulfills that father figure role to you. Maybe it was your biological father, maybe it was your mother who wore both hats, or maybe it was a family friend who stepped in to provide resources and guidance — whoever it was, we hope you had a chance to celebrate.

And here at TaskRabbit, we’re overjoyed that we could help some of you make this weekend special:

  • In Los Angeles, Tasker Thandeka helped a Client deliver her dad’s favorite donuts to him on Sunday when she couldn’t do so in person.
  • Meanwhile in LA, a Client got the help of Tasker Jenny when it came to making Father’s Day special. Jenny picked up everything one would need for the perfect barbecue — including beer — and delivered it to the Client’s dad.
  • Barbecues turned out to be a popular theme for Father’s Day deliveries. When an injury prevented a Client from visiting his dad over the weekend, Tasker Kelly assembled a delivery of all the best BBQ items.
  • Up in the Bay Area, Tasker Tania made sure a Client’s father got the gift her son made for him, and over on the east coast, Tasker Amelia picked up a dad’s favorite liquor and delivered the gift with a handwritten note.

Need help delivering a gift even when you can’t do it yourself? We’re here to help!

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