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Despite our name, it was a dog who inspired TaskRabbit.

It was a cold night in Boston in 2008 when TaskRabbit founder, Leah Busque, realized she was out of food for her 100-pound Labrador, Kobe. We’ve all been there — caught up in our busy lives, we realize we forgot that one thing on our shopping list just as we get home from the grocery store. Leah found herself wishing she could rely on a neighbor to pick up Kobe’s food — or come by to help with a home repair or lend a hand with the yard work — and so TaskRabbit was born.

This Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and with the dog days of summer officially upon us, we thought we’d take a look at how TaskRabbit can help you look after your best four-legged friend:

  • Whether you’re at work all day or you’re recovering from an injury or surgery that keeps you off your feet, a trusted Tasker can take your dog out for walks for you.
  • Getting away for the weekend this summer? Hire a pet sitting Tasker to check up on your dog, take her out for walks, and make sure she has fresh food and clean water.
  • If you’re out of dog food or need someone to run to your dog’s vet to pick up a prescription, there’s probably a Tasker ready to help you shop and deliver your dog’s needs right to your front door.
  • We know that living with dogs can mean a little extra dirt and fur in your home. No worries! You can hire a Tasker to do a deep clean of your carpets.

There are lots more ways TaskRabbit can help you and your dog spend more time together, so check out all our available services.

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