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TaskRabbit Launches in 5 New Cities

Today marks the beginning of TaskRabbit’s 20 city launch. Over the next six months, we’re committed to providing work opportunities to more cities across the U.S. and continuing to connect more people to high-quality and reliable local Taskers.

You can now hire a trusted and experienced Tasker to get things repaired and refreshed around your home in:


In addition to opening up work opportunities, we’re also launching TaskRabbit For Good (TR4G). Our goal for this program is to stand for something bigger than ourselves by empowering individuals & teams to grow stronger as a community.

TR4G is committed to supporting programs that aid job creation and prevent homelessness, but also support the non-profit initiatives of Taskers. With 60,000 Taskers in our community, we hope to provide them with opportunities to give back and serve their local communities so together, we can make an impact on the world around us.

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