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TaskRabbit for Etsy Spotlight: The Wicked Workshop

Wicked Workshop Reclaimed Wood Furniture Etsy

TaskRabbit for Etsy helps The Wicked Workshop focus on its beautiful, reclaimed wood furniture.

Since launching our dedicated portal for Etsy sellers, we’ve been thrilled to see these incredible creative entrepreneurs hiring TaskRabbits to help with their shops. TaskRabbits are helping these crafty business owners with everything from product photography to social media marketing, and it’s been an inspiration to witness this remarkable partnership between our two collaborative communities.

In our latest Etsy spotlight, we caught up with Toby Hardman and Nishma Yadave Hardman of The Wicked Workshop. This Boulder-based shop offers a stunning selection of soulful furniture hand-crafted from reclaimed wood. Each piece has a distinctive warmth and its own whisper of history. We caught up with Toby and Nishma to chat about their gorgeous products, the most time-consuming components of their business, and how TaskRabbits are helping them out.

Wicked WorkshopWhy’d you decide to start an Etsy shop?
“The word on the street was that there was an innovative online marketplace developing through Etsy. Talented craftspeople were being provided with a virtual platform on which to showcase their creations — this tied in perfectly with what we were developing at Wicked. With a growing portfolio, we were searching for a structured way in which to reach out to a large and growing audience. Etsy absolutely hit the nail on the head.”

So what is it that you make and sell?
“Our ethos at Wicked is simple, we love to create soulful furniture using high-end ingredients and quality craftsmanship. We hunt down reclaimed hardwoods, full of history and turn them into contemporary timepieces; juxtaposing the old with the new strongly appeals to our customers — we also enjoy the challenging task it provides; take a peek at our boxcar range, it highlights this perfectly.”

What are the most time-consuming parts of running your Etsy shop?
“Developing a successful Etsy shop takes a lot of time, but is highly rewarding. In order to stay fresh, it’s necessary to update photos, improve listing descriptions, revise keywords, and continue innovating through new product development — all of which takes a lot of time! As your virtual shop gets larger, the number of updates increases massively. To avoid getting bogged down on the administrative side, it became apparent we needed to find an effective method of delegation.” [pullshow]

How’d you find out about TaskRabbit and what made you decide to try it out?
“We were introduced to TaskRabbit through Etsy’s weekly emails. The synergy of the two communities was immediately apparent. [pullthis]TaskRabbit appealed to us due to the strong resource pool available at a cost effective price. It enabled us to outsource tasks that we simply couldn’t allocate time for in-house.[/pullthis]”

We’d love to hear about your first Task — what did you outsource and how did it go?
“In order to put TaskRabbit to the test, we began by posting a Task to write an informative yet catchy product description — we relished the opportunity to get a new perspective on our designs. To our surprise, dozens of TaskRabbits responded to our Task; we ended up delegating the task to Kimbre, a delightful actor-writer living on the East Coast who had prior experience with writing Etsy product descriptions. She provided a fresh perspective and great advice — her communication was clear and concise. We were hugely impressed with the success of this Task and went on to outsource our Etsy banner.”

Are there any other things you could see yourself outsourcing to TaskRabbit in your business or in life?
“Once you’ve used TaskRabbit, its potential for other applications is apparent. Online help is great but there’s also room for face-to-face outsourcing in your local community. We’ll be using TaskRabbit again for sure!”

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