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Tasking Apple’s WWDC

Attending Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco? We’re betting you want to spend your week coding, not running errands. Many of the TaskRabbit engineers are heading to the affair, along with a bunch of our developer friends who are flying in just for the occasion. We asked them what they plan to outsource to TaskRabbits during the conference, here’s what they came back with:

“I plan to hire a TaskRabbit to wait in line for my badge.” We heard this one from pretty much everyone, and it’s no surprise. Although you’re the only one who can check-in, there’s no point in waiting in line all morning.

“Run to the Apple Store.” Power cords and ethernet adaptors will be in short supply around the conference, and they’re easy to forget. TaskRabbits can make Apple Store runs for you.

“Breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivery.” Dynamo Donuts, Ike’s, Marlowe, In-N-Out, Deli Board, Mission Pie, Little Star Pizza, Tartineā€¦ TaskRabbits can bring San Francisco’s best food right to you.

“Bring me good coffee!” TaskRabbit developers regularly post Tasks to get Philz and Blue Bottle Coffee delivered to the office, and they plan to do the same at WWDC.

“Make happy hour happen.” Why grab overpriced subpar beer from the hotel mini-bar when you can have a TaskRabbit bring by cases of really good beer?

“Plan an awesome night.” From figuring out where the after-parties are to making dinner reservations, a TaskRabbit can tackle planning your night on the town.

A great round of suggestions from our coder buddies! We also suggest hiring a TaskRabbit to grab whatever items you forget to pack (toothbrush? lint roller? sunscreen?) and even to bring you something to soothe those inevitable WWDC hangovers each morning.

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