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Task of the Week: Work the Door

How do you get 100 party guests to the top of a roof?

Parties in the city can be tough to coordinate, particularly if your shindig takes place in (or on) a larger building. Do you spend all night glued to the buzzer, or do you prop the door open and hope no strangers wander in? If you’re hip to the magic of TaskRabbit like Courtney M., you hire a friendly neighbor to play doorman for the night. Faced with the dicey logistics of getting 100 guests onto a Brooklyn roofdeck for a NY tech scene party, Courtney hired TaskRabbit Rachel S. to check the list and point the way to the party. Rachel helped make sure that only invited guests made it into the building¬†so Courtney could focus on making sure everyone had a great time.

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  1. Eran says

    I have worked the door so many times. I even check to make sure it opens well, I have a big smile and I love seeing new faces!!! Darn I love working the door!

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