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Task of the Week: The In-laws are Coming! The In-laws are Coming!

Oh, the words that everyone loves to hear: “Hey honey, my parents are coming to town!”  The pressure we feel when our significant other’s family comes to town – especially for the holidays – can be overwhelming – paralyzing even. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. Plus, with all of our other commitments, how can we make the time to make our home parent-perfect?

TaskPoster Campbell M found herself in this very situation recently and turned to TaskRabbit for a little help in getting her home in-law ready. Campbell knew exactly what needed doing to get her new apartment ready for the in-laws, but she didn’t have the time to do it. She needed help assembling an over-the-toilet organizer, fixing a collapsed closet bar, cleaning, organizing, trash takeout, donation drop-off and trips to the grocery and hardware store. Sound overwhelming? No wonder Campbell turned to TaskRabbit. Now, she can be worry free and enjoy Thanksgiving with her family.

Whatever is causing you extra stress this Thanksgiving let TaskRabbit help you relax. Perhaps you’re cooking the entire holiday dinner and can’t imagine having to do all the cleaning, too? There’s a TaskRabbit for that. Maybe you’re headed out of town for Thanksgiving and need someone to watch and feed your fish? Yeah, got that covered, too. Have a Thanksgiving party so big you need to rearrange your living room furniture? Ah, catching on, are we?

It’s simple – at TaskRabbit, we want to help you have a stress-free holiday, outsourcing every time-consuming and daunting Task along the way. So, how can we help? Get Postin’!


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