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Task of the Week: Thanksgiving Dinner Grocery Shopping

Mmmmm. Thanksgiving! Who doesn’t love this delectable holiday – it’s the perfect opportunity to stuff ourselves with delicious food, hang with family and friends and watch football all day!

But as magical as Thanksgiving is, there is a ton of preparation that goes into making it a special day. Those who have had the pleasure of visiting a grocery store right around Thanksgiving know how stressful and hectic just shopping for your Thanksgiving dinner can be. The aisles are unreasonably crowded, everyone seems to be on edge and the supply of pumpkin and cranberry sauce is always depleted! That’s why our very own TaskRabbit founder and TaskPoster Leah B turned to TaskRabbit to take care of her Thanksgiving grocery shopping.

The job was pretty straightforward but the results were clutch – Leah needed a TaskRabbit to do her Thanksgiving shopping for her. As you can imagine, Leah is pretty busy – she didn’t even have time to compile a complete grocery list. She simply provided the TaskRabbit with recipes for the dishes she wanted to serve and left it to the TaskRabbit to make the grocery list, do the shopping and deliver the food to her doorstep.

TaskRabbit Erika D was up for the challenge and, based on Leah’s five-star rating, she did a pretty awesome job. She even made a consolidated list based on all of the recipes, emailed it to Leah and had her cross off what she already had in the pantry. Leah was definitely giving thanks for Erika!

How can TaskRabbit make your Thanksgiving prep easier this year? Maybe we can help with your grocery shopping or help prepare your Thanksgiving dinner? Watch your dog while you’re out of town? Whatever it is, we here to make it a little less stressful! You can browse through other Thanksgiving Tasks for some inspiration here. Let TaskRabbit take care of your holiday errands so you can focus on the good stuff: food, family and football!

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