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Task of the Week: Take Down my Christmas Decorations


You know you are in desperate need of a TaskRabbit when it’s June and your Christmas lights are still up!  Hmm…how did that happen?  Maybe work got a little hectic recently, maybe you’ve been vacationing in Florida for the winter, or maybe you’re scared of ladders.  Whatever the reason, that’s exactly the situation Nicole L. found herself in for this week’s Task of the Week.

Nicole has a cottage by the beach in Los Angeles that has been festively decorated for about 6 months now…She just hasn’t gotten around to taking down those dang Christmas lights.  But, with summer in full swing and the temperature rising, she decided it was time to take care of things.


Fortuitous timing – it just so happens that TaskRabbit launched in LA last week. So, when Nicole was looking for some help taking down the lights, she reached out to the freshly-minted LA TaskRabbit community.  In no time, Bryan F., an LA TaskRabbit, was at Nicole’s house  taking down those pesky lights.


Perfect use of TaskRabbit! Nicole clearly understands the power of TaskRabbit and neighbors helping neighbors – being a Los Angeles TaskRabbit herself.  In her spare time, Nicole helps other folks get things done. And, of course, when she’s in need of a helping hand, she can turn to TaskRabbit to find someone with the necessary time, skills or even ladder.


We know people are super busy and time just seems to get away from us sometimes! In these situations, call on our TaskRabbits to help! So Nicole – you know where to find us in six months when it’s time to put those Christmas lights back up!


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