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Task of the Week: Research Llama and Alpaca Farms in France


Our TaskPoster community never ceases to amaze us with its unique and varied set of interests.  This week’s Task of the Week involves one of the more unique interests: llamas (with some alpacas thrown in for good measure).  You may not know much about llamas and alpacas (I certainly don’t!), but it’s safe to assume that one of our TaskRabbits does. Or, if they don’t know, they are happy to learn.



Travis C. is in the midst of planning a vacation to the South of France (jealous!) and is looking for a truly authentic countryside experience.  He would love to stay at a bed and breakfast with llamas and alpacas, but he didn’t know where to start (really, where does one begin?). And, frankly he didn’t want to spend hours looking for the perfect place.  So, naturally he turned to TaskRabbit.


TaskRabbit, Moira S., who has a PhD and just happened to live in Europe for a few years, was eager, as her profile explains, to assist “in anyway to explain European culture.”  Moira scoured the Internet for a few different options on where Travis could convene with the llamas.  Travis, for his part, saved oodles of time and is off to enjoy a great vacation in France!


We get some pretty interesting Tasks posted on TaskRabbit.com and our awesome TaskRabbit community always steps up and finds a way to get these Tasks completed.  But, you certainly don’t need a unique Task idea to use our service; our TaskRabbits are happy to help with even the simplest Tasks, whether it’s picking up groceries, folding laundry, or assembling some Ikea furniture.  We are all about giving folks the platform to contribute and share their individual expertise, knowledge, and time.  If that happens to include researching the alpaca population in France, that’s totally cool with us.


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