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Task of the Week: Prank Interview with my Office Mate

Not many things are better than a good old-fashioned prank. Chances are, you have a fond (and hilarious) memory of a practical joke that was either played on you or that you played on someone else.

The problem is, as we’ve grown up, it’s become harder and harder to find the time to plan a prank that’s one for the books. And who wants to put on a practical joke that isn’t awesome? Well, did you know that there are thousands of expert prankster TaskRabbits at your disposal just waiting to make your practical joke legendary?

TaskPoster Adam D did, and boy did he take advantage of it. Adam had a friend who, after five years of working together, was leaving his post at the company. Since his friend has always been a prankster, Adam looked to TaskRabbit to return the favor and help him plan something good. TaskRabbit Renee D got in on the fun and pretended to be job candidate that was – well – not qualified for the job. Adam and his coworkers got some good laughs and Renee had a ball.

Is there someone you know that would appreciate a harmless practical joke? There is? Great, let us know how we can help.

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