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Task of the Week: Plan My Winter Escape!

We know many of you just got back from a nice, relaxing holiday break. But, with cold days and long nights, it’s no surprise that many of us are already starting to plan our next get-away. With all the post-holiday craziness, it’s hard to find the time to plan a vacation? See where we’re going with this? Yeah, you guessed it – you can always rely on a TaskRabbit to research and arrange your winter getaway!

New York City-based TaskPoster Andrew F is already sick and tired of the cold weather and is in desperate need of a vacation. He isn’t super picky – he doesn’t care where the vacation is, he just has a few requirements: a beach, crystal-blue water, hot sun and fun. Sheesh, Andrew! The possibilities are endless! Enter, TaskRabbit Catrina C to find the perfect spot.

Catrina came to Andrew’s rescue and provided him with three separate vacation options. Andrew is now booked for a little jaunt to the Caribbean! Catrina planned his entire vacation, landing him a flight, hotel and rental car, all within his budget.

Wanna get away? Can we help? Indulge in some peace of mind by posting a Task today.

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  1. Kyle Pennell says

    That’s a really fun story, I want to find tasks like that!

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