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Task of the Week: Make My New Year’s Eve the Best Yet!

Oh, New Year’s Eve! It’s either the best or worst night of the year. Either way, we are here to make it a little less stressful!

For those of you who are hosting parties this year, we know it can be a bit hectic.  There is so much to get done – shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating – and all that is before the party even starts! Once people arrive, the food needs to be continually stocked, trash needs to be picked up, and God forbid someone’s cocktail runs dry!

To avoid the stress, TaskPoster James B turned to TaskRabbit. James is throwing a huge soiree for New Year’s Eve in Hollywood, CA. He needed someone he could trust to ensure the party is a hit. He was looking for someone to set up food, restock beverages, clear glasses, napkins and plates that people leave behind and, finally, bring the trash out throughout the night. On top of the heavy lifting, James wanted someone reliable, cheerful, friendly and responsible.

TaskRabbit Justin N  was up for the challenge! Justin is just what James was looking for. A proud father and husband, Justin is a marathon runner, which he proudly acknowledges equips him with the skills needed to stick with a job until its done to a 100 percent satisfaction.

On New Year’s Eve, James is going to get to enjoy his party, instead of running around accommodating his guests. How can TaskRabbit help you ring in the New Year? Need someone to clean your apartment before a party your hosting? Easy. Looking for a trustworthy designated driver? Consider it done. Perhaps your plans for the big night aren’t finalized yet and you’d like someone to call around to bars or clubs to find out if there will be a hefty cover charge? Yep, we do that, too.

Whatever you need help with, TaskRabbit will take care of it. Kick off the New Year with a resolution to live smarter by posting a Task today.


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