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If you’ve ever run the IKEA gauntlet, you know it’s the sort of thing that can either make or break relationships.

It goes like this: You and your significant other (or roommate or whatever) just moved into a new pad and you can’t wait to make it your cozy new home. You decide to pick up some furnishings from IKEA, and excitedly go through the catalog checking off the items you want for the place, and make sure to schedule some time to grab some of those famous IKEA meatballs at the end.

However, as you try to decipher IKEA’s illustrated instructions, you begin to wonder how the pieces in front of you will ever come together as a dresser or if you’re missing parts or why you didn’t just spend the extra money on fully assembled furniture. Tensions rise and your head starts hurting.

That’s when it’s time to turn to TaskRabbit.

IKEA furniture assembly is one of our most popular tasks.

For a Client in Los Angeles who was trying to meet a deadline, Tasker Heber showed up ready to help put together furniture for his design studio so it would be ready to receive clients for the coming work week. Heber was able to help get everything assembled in about three hours — we imagine the job would have taken longer solo.

Meanwhile, on the east coast, a Client with a sizable IKEA haul enlisted the help of Tasker Michael to help get the job done. After all, your time is money, and if you can cut down the time it takes putting furniture together, the sooner you can get back to spending time doing the things you want to do.

As for another Client, she knew she was in way over her head when she managed to put her dresser together only to discover that three of the six drawers would not close. Tasker Jared was able to diagnose and solve the problem in a short amount of time, and everyone was happy.

If it requires assembly, it probably requires TaskRabbit.

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