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Task of the Week: Help build a psychedelic octopus Halloween costume!

Who would have guessed that Halloween would be more fun as an adult? While fun, all the planning and primping for the big day can be stressful. Procrastinating about your costume can result in something thrown together that doesn’t reflect your creativity or personality – snooze! But at the same time, it’s difficult to justify dedicating your limited time to creating an awesome costume.

That’s why Daniel J turned to TaskRabbit. Daniel had the exact costume in mind: a psychedelic octopus. (Brilliant!) An engineer, he had the electronics of the costume covered. He designed a micro-controller that powers LEDs and el-wire, which he stitched into the costume after construction. The LEDs and el-wire light up and even react to sound! Pretty sweet, huh?

While Daniel had the engineering under control, he needed help with the design, creative vision, measurements and the actual sewing and construction of the costume. Good thing TaskRabbit Rebecca P was game to pitch in!

In Daniel’s words, Rebecca was ‘AMAZING.’ She was not only enthusiastic, but she communicated every step of the way; scanned and delivered receipts via email to keep things convenient and overall did a terrific job – which earned her a 5-star review! Rebecca is happy and Daniel is going to look pretty cool at next week’s Shpongle show. Win, meet win!

So, what do you need help with to prepare for Halloween? Someone to hand out candy? Help out at a Halloween-themed fundraiser? Perhaps you’d like to outsource decorating your home? Whatever it is, from pumpkin carving to taking pictures, TaskRabbit is here to help!

What are you waiting for? Get Tasking!

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