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Alan in San Francisco is on a mission to save the world — one bee at a time.

Bees get a bad rap — for some folks, a bee sting can result in a life-threatening allergic reaction — but these hard-working little insects are actually responsible for pollinating a significant portion of all flowering plants worldwide. Sadly, they’re disappearing from the planet and no one is quite sure why.


Saving the world with bees! Photo courtesy of Alan

Alan had everything he needed to help the bee population: Two hives and all the other necessary bee-keeping supplies. The only thing he was missing were the bees themselves!

So he headed to TaskRabbit and found Tasker Elena’s help. The task ended up being a little more complicated than anticipated, but Elena was happy to do the research. She even took the time to ask some bee-loving friends where she could get a small colony (called a “nuc”) of bees. Eventually, she found a place that sold bees, negotiated the price down, and delivered them to Alan and his hives.

We’re stoked we got to help Alan on his mission to save the world!

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