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Task of the Week: Gear up for the Big Game!

Who doesn’t love a good football game – particularly in the post-season? A good game brings friends together, sparks harmless rivalries, invokes a sense of pride and loyalty and  gives us an excuse to indulge in not-so-healthy snacks and beverages.

Most of us have a favorite sports bar we frequent on game days. As you can imagine, last weekend in San Francisco, every sports bar in the city was swarming with 49ers fans hoping to see a victory over the New York Giants. Things didn’t exactly turn out how we planned, but we’re sure everyone enjoyed the ride.

What was the one snag to all this football fun? The bars were so packed it was almost impossible to get a seat, let alone, a table. So, what’s a sports fan to do?!

TaskPoster Ian D knew where to go for help. Ian and his four friends knew they wanted to watch the game at Kezar Pub, but were not game to get there at 9:00am to save a table for kickoff later that afternoon. You know who was game? TaskRabbit Owen V, that’s who. Owen got to the bar in the nick of time and snagged a table for Ian and his friends. While the outcome of the game wasn’t all that great for 49ers fans, at least Ian went to sleep that night knowing he exercised some smart living that day.

The Super Bowl is a week away. Do you have plans? Let us know how we can pitch in.


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