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We know there are a million things around the house that you keep telling yourself you’re going to get to some day — some day.

Well, today is the day. For this edition of Task of the Week, we’re highlighting not just one task, but a few of those minor home repairs that seem to elude us while forever inconveniencing us. These Clients are the savvy ones who finally checked these tasks off their lists — demonstrating that we, too, can liberate ourselves from broken closets and those ugly holes in the wall that stare like baleful eyes from across the room.

A Client in Boston decided that she’d finally had enough of her broken vanity drawer and drain stopper. You know the drill: an overstuffed a drawer that something got caught in, and now it doesn’t roll properly in its tracks, either jamming or derailing completely. It’s a nuisance you can live with, but every time you struggle with it, you say between gritted teeth, “Wow, I should really get this fixed.” With the help of Tasker Rick, one proactive Client finally did.

For a Client in San Francisco, it was finally time to properly patch a gnarly hole in one of the walls of her apartment. We’re not going to ask how the hole got there, we’re just happy we could connect her with Tasker Jaime. Jaime brought his own tools and patched the wall right up. Thanks to Jaime’s help, our Bay Area Client should be able to get her deposit back when she moves out.

And about that giant flatscreen television you’ve been meaning to mount — what are you waiting for?! Take some inspiration from another Client, who, after several failed attempts to get a flatscreen mounted in his office, finally hired Tasker Gabe to get the job done. Gabe arrived ready to face this particularly challenging TV installation, prepared with extra tools just in case the job entailed more than he expected. Thanks to Gabe, the Client finally got his TV off the ground.

If these folks can use TaskRabbit to finally getting around to fixing all those minor home repairs, you can do it, too! We’re more than halfway through the year — don’t let 2016 arrive with little nuisances attached. Liberate yourself from all those inconveniences!

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