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Task of the Week: Fight With My Bank (And Win)

What do you do when your bank screws up and you can’t get an actual person on the line? If you’re like TaskPoster Mina R., you keep trying (and trying… and trying) until you finally reach a living, breathing person who tells you there’s nothing they can do. Did Mina suck it up and take a loss of $2,000? She sure didn’t. She hired TaskRabbit Karryn N. to write a letter to her bank. Karryn and Mina collaborated on the letter’s content in a GoogleDoc, then Karryn polished it up, printed it out, and sent it off to the bank.

Ten days later, Mina received a check for $2,000 from her bank. “To be honest, I wasn’t even expecting anything back,” she told us, “but I felt so much better that I had at least dealt with it in the best way I could.” We’ve gotta admit — we’re pretty impressed with this one. We’ve witnessed people outsourcing all kinds of things on TaskRabbit, but hiring someone to patiently deal with the customer service blackhole of a major bank? Brilliant.

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