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Task of the Week: Dig Out My Snow-Covered Car So I Can Get To Work!

Unless you’ve been hibernating with your local sleuth of bears, you’ve likely heard about the insane weather that’s been crippling the South, North and East. People are trapped indoors, with temperatures plummeting below freezing and wind chills making the outdoors feel like something out of the Ice Age. But, except for the occasional snow day, people still have to get to work.

That’s how Boston TaskPoster Philip P found himself in quite the predicament. He had to get to work, but his trusted steed, a Toyota Rav 4, was absolutely buried under snow. Philip didn’t have the time or energy to dig his car out himself, so what did he do? He turned to TaskRabbit, of course.

Philip hired veteran TaskRabbit Marc H to come to his house and dig his car out of the snow so it would be ready to drive. How much snow are we talking? Here is the pile of snow Marc removed from the car:


Luckily for Philip, tasks of this nature are no sweat for a TaskRabbit of Marc’s caliber. Marc worked quickly and efficiently to free Philip’s car up so he could make it to work on time. Here’s Philip’s Rav 4, not quite snow-free but safely drivable:


Do you live in a place that’s being impacted by the weather? Can we help you stay safe, warm and dry? Let us know how today.

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