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Task of the Week: Deliver a Valentine’s Day Singing Telegram!

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We love seeing all of the ways our TaskPosters utilize our service to make the most out of holidays. We’re always impressed with how creative our community is and love sharing the stories with you. Valentine’s Day always brings a ton of awesome tasks and here’s our favorite so far:

San Francisco TaskPoster Natalie C works in a co-working space. This means that, along with her colleagues, she works in a large room with a ton of people from varying backgrounds and industries. So, in a way, a co-working space is like an audience. Natalie saw this as an opportunity to pull off something pretty awesome.

She hired TaskRabbit Bendu Tonma J to come to her co-working space and sing a love song to her co-worker, in front of everyone else in the room (the audience, if you will). She isn’t picky – the song is totally up to Bendu and Natalie doesn’t even have a preference if it sounds good or not. As long as the song is sung in front of everyone, Natalie will be happy.

How creative can you get for Valentine’s Day? 

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  1. I have to say, sending a singing telegram over to your girlfriend in front of all her co-workers (so long as it’s appropriate) is pretty darn awesome – and funny and fun and exactly part of the spirit of Valentines day. Great idea!

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