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Task of the Week: Cure What Ails Me

How do you deal with a sick day? Copious amounts of chicken soup and a gallon of orange juice? Mounds of raw garlic and a parade of honey-lemon tea? A bottle of NyQuil and hours of reality TV? [pullshow][pullthis]Whatever you do to cure what ails you, we’re sure you’ll agree that the worst part of it all is the groggy trek to the store to actually acquire your get-better supplies. That’s where we come in.[/pullthis] TaskPosters like Missy W. in San Francisco are simply posting their get-better lists to TaskRabbit and waiting for the cavalry to arrive. Tareq I. in Redwood City even posted a Task to send a get-better gift to an under-the-weather friend. It included medicine, juice, and fresh miso soup. What an awesome friend.

So next time you’re sniffling and sneezing, stay in bed and blast the Task signal. A friendly, local TaskRabbit can drop off soup, medicine, juice, and anything else you need to get better. Want extra karma points? When your coworkers get sick, send a TaskRabbit with a care package as a way to say, “Thanks for keeping your germs at home.”

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