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Task of the Week: Create a Garden

Want one of these?

Think it’s too late to get those summer flowers and veggies in the ground? Think again. When Chicago TaskPoster Jennifer F. decided to convert an old kids’ sandbox into a raised bed garden, she knew it was a race against the clock. So she did it in the quickest, most efficient way possible — she hired TaskRabbit Alejandro M. to do the overhaul.

No stranger to creating raised bed gardens in the Chicagoland area, Alejandro majorly rocked the Task by bringing along his expertise, creativity, and green thumb. “Alex was awesome!! Came to the house before expected (a good thing), created such a vision from noting, and was great at communicating before and during process.” Those words (and exclamation points) belong to Jennifer F., and so does a gorgeous new sandbox garden.

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  1. DouglasBoyce says

    wow this is phenomenal. more gardening. a great way to assist in the slowing down of the every omni looming global warming is to recreate, were we have already destroyed, nature

    Everyone keep at the minimum thinking creatively then take action


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