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Task of the Week: Calling the perfect party planner for my 70th b-day


This week’s Task of the Week is pretty awesome (we know we say that a lot but this one really  is). It’s so cool because it highlights many of the things we love about our community. First, it shows the lengths our TaskRabbits will go to conquer a Task. It also highlights the bonds our TaskRabbits forge with our TaskPosters!  And finally, it demonstrates the resourcefulness, craftiness, and untiring energy of our TaskRabbits.



So, here’s the story… 95 people, ages 6 months to 87 years, converged on Golden Gate Park last weekend to celebrate TaskPoster, Mary R’s 70th birthday. It was an elaborate event with lots of food, picnicking, fun and general goodness. As an aside, you will never meet anyone with more energy than Mary R. So, when we first heard of the event, we were sure that this was not going to be your typical 70th b-day party!


Mary R called on TaskRabbit to find the perfect party planner for the event and that she did. TaskRabbit Laura H planned and executed the logistics of the event with “incredible finesse and class.” She even recruited two other TaskRabbits, Wayne K and Sarah F, to help with the festivities. Laura seamlessly planned and, with Wayne’s and Sarah’s help, executed the potluck lunch, party setup, directions, final RSVP’s, cleanup, rain plans… really, she thought of everything. According to attendees, the party was incredible – “planned to a T, coordinated in spades, ready on time and cleaned up and cleared out as though it was effortless.”


Mary summed it up best in her glowing email the day after the event:


“You have to marvel at Laura’s executive capacity. She is indefatigable and she does things flawlessly. And she is still smiling when the day is done. The result was a perfect, perfect day — unassuming, informal, loving, as personal as it could be — yet with every detail thought out and prepared for in advance.”


Incredible work, Laura! And happy birthday, Mary R!


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