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Task of the Week: Bring Me Spare Car Key After I Jumped In A Lake

Bring Me Spare Car Key After I Jumped In A Lake


It’s the lazy, hazy days of summer and we hope you’re squeezing in some quality vacation time before buckling down to work and school. The Task of the Week reminds us that sometimes our mind checks out on vacation, too. Know that TaskRabbit has your back if you ever need us.

Enjoying a week off with the family, Rob jumped into the lake with his car key, rendering the transponder useless. Stuck 150 miles from home and needing to get his kids back for swim practice the next day, Rob put out an SOS signal to TaskRabbit. Tasker Greg picked up the spare car key from Rob’s house and drove it out to the stranded family with gorgeous scenery keeping him company on the long drive.

Remember to empty your pockets before diving in, and be safe out there! Especially if someone tells you to go jump in a lake. Or take a long walk off a short pier. Or, yeah. Happy Tasking!

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