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Task of the Week: Be Our Grillmaster

Justin L., helping out the 140 Proof Crew. Photo: Vanessa N.

The weather’s been pretty awesome in San Francisco. We wouldn’t exactly call it “hot,” but this city that Mark Twain famously slandered for its bone-chilling summers has been bathed in sunshine for weeks. Maybe this incredible weather is why Vanessa N. and the other rad folks over at 140 Proof decided to throw a barbecue for their customers. They hired TaskRabbit Justin L. to man the grill and chat up the guests. Justin, of course, rocked the Task — and he looked pretty good in the apron, too!

Planning your own barbecue for Memorial Day weekend? Here are some ways TaskRabbit can help:

  • Grillmaster — TaskRabbits like Justin can hold court at your grill, so you can relax.
  • Supply Run — Need ice? Beer? Extra chairs? Hire a TaskRabbit to deliver party supplies.
  • Sous Chef — Need someone to slice the watermelon or whip up some appetizers?
  • Extra Staff — From valet parking to kickball refereeing, TaskRabbits can help.


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  1. Justin did a great job through-and-through; from the great apron (very appropriate, it was a Giants gameday) to the tasty burgers that had everyone waiting for the next one to get off the grill and into the bun.

    Thanks TaskRabbit & Justin!

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