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Task of the Week: Be my Human Alarm Clock!

The time of year has come when almost every person you know – maybe even strangers – asks you the same question: what’s your new year’s resolution? The stress of coming up with a resolution alone can be overwhelming, let alone actually sticking to it.

Remember when you promised to ride your bike more often last year? Those tires are still flat, huh? Didn’t you promise to call your mom more? She’s still waiting, you know. And don’t worry, we won’t bring up the fast food that you have (not) stopped eating. Let’s face it; we could all use a little help sticking to our resolutions.

TaskPoster Marianne M – like many of us – has a very specific vice: she loves to sleep in. The problem is, she’s just started working from home and has developed a seriously dependent relationship with her snooze button. Getting out of bed every day is a struggle, so working from home is not working out. What in the world can she do?!? Oh, right, there’s a TaskRabbit for that.

Marianne turned to TaskRabbit Jill S to be her human alarm clock. The job is simple enough: Marianne needs someone to come by her house every weekday morning around 9:00am and wake her up. But Marianne knows that simply opening the door isn’t enough – she needs someone to make sure she leaves her apartment building and mozies over to Dunkin’ Donuts to get her morning coffee and really begin her day. Not a problem for Jill!

TaskRabbit is helping transform Marianne from a snooze button addict to employee of the month. What can we do for you? Thousands of TaskRabbits are standing by to help you start your year off right.

That’s your queue – post a Task today.


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