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Task of the week: Be my april fools’ day prank accomplice

April Fools’ Day is one of our favorite days of the year. We are always amazed at how creative our TaskPosters get in utilizing our service to pull off fun pranks. We’ve seen people hire TaskRabbits to cover their coworker’s office in Saran wrap, dress up as a dinosaur to scare a classroom full of kids and even place a fake eviction notice on an apartment door! 

This year, our favorite thus far comes from TaskPoster Ali L. Ali’s boyfriend is a big golf fan, so, naturally, she wanted to prank him into believing he had become a golf super star overnight. She hired TaskRabbit Mike T. to hide outside her boyfriend’s apartment building and as he left for work, run up to him and interrupt him on the street, excitedly claiming he saw a video of him on ESPN the night before. “You’re famous,” Mike proclaimed! To make things seem even more legit, Mike begged to take a picture with Ali’s boyfriend. Great prank? We think so! 

How creative can you get this week? 

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