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Task of the Week: Assemble all those (bleep bleep) Christmas toys!

Ahhh, Christmas. What’s more enjoyable than seeing the joy on the little ones’ faces as they dig into the pile of presents?

For those of us who are lucky enough to have mini-me’s (yes, talking kids here), this is the best part of the holidays. However, that blissful feeling is often short-lived as the feeling of anxiety sets in when you realize that the toy isn’t yet put together. True holiday buzz kill!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had your own little elf to make sure all of the toys you (Ahem, we mean Santa) buy your kids are nicely assembled under the tree? Lucky for you, TaskRabbit has thousands of holiday helpers standing by to help you get your last-minute holiday to-dos knocked off that list!

Take advantage of it! TaskPoster Donna D did and is now free to enjoy the holidays with her family rather than worry about a missing plastic screw. Her Task was brilliant – she needed someone to put together the toys she bought her kids for Christmas.

It was like a little Christmas miracle. TaskRabbit Cricket B was more than happy to help. She meticulously assembled Donna’s battery-operated police care, a wooden rocket ship, a child’s art easel, a small drum set and a McDonald’s ‘Drive Thru’ stand. Based on Donna’s five-star rating of Cricket, looks like the toys are good to go for Sunday morning!

Phew! Now Donna can now truly enjoy watching her kids open the presents and not stress about putting them together. How can TaskRabbit help you in the next few days as you prepare for Christmas? Have a couple last-minute gifts to wrap? Let us take care of that. Overwhelmed with your holiday party and need some extra help? Let a TaskRabbit pitch in. Whatever it is, we’re here for you.

Pssst, you have two days. What are you waiting for? Post a Task today!

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